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One Piece: 10x361

Perona Is Terrified!! Usopp and Untruthful Share the Same "U"

Having deduced that Perona used her Horo-Horo powers to project her spirit, Usopp attempts to fire an attack at it. But the attack appeared to miss with Perona producing a Special Hollow bomb to hold Usopp while she returned to her body. Usopp luckily uses an Impact Dial to absorb the explosive force, using it to take out the Wild Zombie Hippo Gentleman with some injury as consequence. Usopp then reveals that he actually fired an adhesive on Perona’s body, beating her by scaring the trapped girl to death with toy cockroaches and an inflatable ten-ton hammer. As Chopper begins to notice Jigoro and Inuppe acting less like Zoro and Sanji, Oars undergoes the same transition and makes his way back to Gecko Moriah. Meanwhile, Zoro and Ryuma’s fight is getting intense as Brook tells Franky that Ryuma is actually fighting for real.

One Piece: 10-361
Jul. 06, 2008