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Smile Precure: 1x12

The Awakening Power! Rainbow Healing!!

As the girls prepare to go on a school trip to Kyoto, Candy becomes upset when she isn’t invited. Meanwhile, Pierrot’s right hand man, Joker, gives Wolfrun, Red Ogre and Majorina special blue noses which doesn’t require Cure Decors to summon Akanbe. Candy tries her hardest to help the girls plan their trip, only to make things worse. She runs off, feeling she is unwanted, and gets captured by Wolfrun. Wolfrun then confronts the girls and uses the blue nose to summon a Gumball Akanbe, which proves resilient against the Cures’ attacks. As the Cures find themselves helpless, Candy breaks free and, upon hearing the kind words of the Cures, brings forth new Decors which allow the Cures to perform a new attack, Rainbow Healing, to defeat the Akanbe. With their team powered up, the girls decide to take Candy along with them on their trip.

Apr. 22, 2012