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Soul Eater: 1x43

The Last Demon Tool: The Weaponless Kid's Impossible Mission?

The battle against Shibusen and Arachnophobia continues. Kid, Liz and Patti arrive at their destination, a town called Sekikan, whose inhabitants had disappeared mysteriously twenty years before. For the sake of his partners, Kid decides to enter the village alone. Once in, he easily finds the demonic tool, but is attacked by a strange clown. Maka realizes she must feel the soul of one of the people that she is looking for to find them. Kid is chased by the clown, who is soon joined by another one just like him. Due to the symmetrical attacks of the clowns, Kid is unable to respond until Patty and Liz arrive to help and successfully defeat them. Shortly after the battle, a mysterious person communicates with Kid, questioning Shibusen’s right to use the demonic tools. Justin, Black Star, Kilik, Ox and Kim are still battling.

Soul Eater: 1-43
Feb. 02, 2009